Ep. 006 - What's the Story?

In this episode, Sarah and Annette talk about what it means to resist categorical thinking and the often false narratives we construct about our own lives. From Annette’s participation in a bar association panel as a non-lawyer, to Sarah’s grappling with the loss of identity, there is a need to rewrite the story we want our lives to tell, which means embracing the uncertainty of the creative process. We discuss how contemplative silence allows us to shed other people's expectations and to dismantle linear narratives all too common in the hyper-rational legal world. 


  • Megan O'Grady's article "Is the Age of the Artistic Recluse Over?" from the NYTimes Magazine can be found here.
  • Meghan O'Rourke's article "Lessons in Stillness From One of the Quietest Places on Earth" also from the NYTimes Magazine can be found here.
  • More from Elizabeth Gilbert on passion vs. curiosity can be found here.
  • On the topic of living creatively, Julia Cameron writes in The Artist's Way that "we are looking not to grand strokes of change - although they may come - but instead to the act of creatively husbanding all that is in the present: this job, this house, this relationship."
  • Ruth Chang's Ted Talk on Hard Choices can be found here
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