Ep. 009 - Sara Rezvanpour Rose, Creative Counsel at Jungalow

Sara Rezvanpour Rose (@sararezrose) went from being a closeted creative who “passed” as an attorney to Creative Counsel at Jungalow (@thejungalow), a wild bohemian lifestyle brand focused on interior design and home furnishings. The process taught Sara about worthiness, authenticity, vulnerability, and reaffirmed her belief in the power of manifestation, patience, and hustle.

Today, Sara handles a range of tasks for Jungalow, from copywriting and setting up for photo shoots to negotiating deals and reviewing contracts. Born in Tehran, Iran, and later raised in California, Sara shared her journey from law school (making her immigrant parents proud) to arriving in a job where she merges her attorney skills with her creative abilities.

Sara contrasted the formulaic, paved path that lead her to law school with the intuitive, uncertain path that lead her to Jungalow. Over and over again, she emphasized how her path was full of uncertainty and dark moments. Questions like “If I leave the law, will I still be smart?” and “Is this all a big mistake?” entered her mind.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Sara. We think the entire conversation is worth a listen, but below are some highlights:

[1:30] Sara charts her path from Tehran to California, where she attended UC Berkeley for college and, years later, Boalt for law school. After graduating, she worked in biglaw for several years before leaving to work for the law firm her brother and his friend had begun.

[18:58] Even while working with her brother, Sara was uncertain whether the practice of law was right for her. She began doing things that simply felt creative, like writing. She began writing down how she wanted to feel in her next job, words like "magical" and “appreciated.”

[27:00] Sara loved designing spaces even as a teenager. She was sensitive to the flow of a space, and she would love to create intentional spaces as a full-time job. Sara began her design career by creating a vignette and sharing it on Instagram, and helping friends design their home spaces.

[33:01] Being in touch with your intuition means, in short, being internally focused as opposed to externally focused. In many professions, there’s a clear formula, a paved path that takes the work out of figuring out how you’re going to pave your own path. That’s external focus.

[49:47] Sara describes how she ended up working seven days a week, juggling two jobs: one as a designer at Restoration Hardware and one as a paid intern for Jungalow.

[1:03:10] Sara describes how she transitioned from paid intern at Jungalow to her current role as Creative Counsel. Her job encompasses everything from copywriting for the Jungalow blog, negotiating deals, reviewing contracts, organizing the studio, and setting up for photo shoots.

[1:09:56] Sara recalls crying in her law office behind closed doors. For anyone feeling lost, she reminds that there are options; they require thinking outside the box. You have to be ok with former classmates and others looking at you funny for a while. Take time to get to know the new you. Be kind, gentle, and positive.

[1:17:11] As an overachiever lawyer, Sara felt constant pressure to be doing, to be getting results. For those taking the leap and leaving, she recommends giving yourself ample time to figure out what you want to do next. Paving your own path takes time. You must be intentional and thoughtful in where you direct yourself.

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